At Sebeccly Cancer Care, we stand by ethics, structures, and a desire to improve our operational efficiency. Sebeccly has evolved over the years as a social enterprise. Our commitment to reducing the cancer burden is the drive behind our organizational structure.

Sebeccly is structured to function in line with delivering of her programs and vision.

Sebeccly is constituted into four divisions:

Sebeccly comprises of four divisions:

  • Administration: Ensures the seamless running of the organization by managing the workforce, stakeholders, external and internal communications.
  • Community: Focuses on our founding purpose. The unit coordinates the delivery of clinical and non-clinical care to people in the cancer community.  It encompasses our support group, Survivorship clinics, and treatment clinics.
  • Research and development: Coordinates our mentorship, research, and grant program. Tasked with developing and sustaining our innovative products and services.
  • Projects and Partnerships: Oversees operational and fieldwork. It relates to logistics, fundraising, and marketing.