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The ASC is a multi-disciplinary clinic that provides consultation, counselling, treatment (chemotherapy, surgery), follows up care and support services for Breast & Cervical cancer patients. We also provide home-based treatment services and palliative care. Our services are carried out by leading oncologists and cancer experts.

The goal of our team is to help and guide your care throughout your cancer journey.

Our outpatient-centred approach will guide you through your diagnosis, testing, treatment and follow-up care.

You will work very closely with the following cancer doctors and other cancer professionals:

Clinical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologist

Breast Surgeons


General practitioners

Palliative care physicians

Oncology Nurses

Clinic Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 am – 4 pm (these days should be left open for just ASC)

Location: NUT HOUSE, 29, Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba.


What To Expect:

Test: you will be required to come with a referral letter from a doctor that had treated you previously (if any) and the entire test you have done. You may need to have more tests done if any of our doctors require it.


Treatment Plan: based on your clinical examinations, investigations and fitness, a treatment plan will be designed and explained to you. Your treatment plan will explain each treatment you will receive, when you will receive it, why you are receiving it and how we are going to monitor your response. We will only proceed with your treatment with your consent.

During Treatment: you will be seen by our doctors and nurses. All treatment will be administered in Sebeccly Cancer Care, while radiotherapy and surgical services will be done with our partner hospitals.

Patient Education Classes: during and after treatment, our cancer experts will host a class every month to educate patients and their family on cancer, chemotherapy, coping with side effects, etc information about these classes will be provided when the decision for treatment is made.

Support Group Meetings: you will be invited to join our cancer survivorship meetings where long-term survivors and newly diagnosed patients share their experiences.

Appointment Booking: To book an appointment for consultation, treatment or any other services, kindly do so online

Emergencies During Clinic hours (10 am – 4 pm): to report a symptom or side effect, e.g.; bleeding, breathlessness, severe vomiting, pain, please call the clinic at this number (TimeToScreen Number).

Emergencies After Clinic Hours: if you experience an emergency after clinic hours, please go to the nearest emergency centre.

Home-based Care: for patients who require home-based care such as wound dressing, chemotherapy, and other nursing services; kindly inform the nurse.

Recovery Care Product: the amazon survivorship clinic has a stock of breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras, wigs and post-surgery kits. You will be informed about what is available during your treatment plan

Free Transportation: Sebeccly Cancer Care provides free Transportation from the clinic to the patient’s home.