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A bi-weekly webinar designed to help anyone living with cancer gain accurate information, clarity, and support from an understanding community of survivors and cancer experts.



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Please note that on this platform we ensure utmost confidentiality and privacy of our members are
maintained throughout.

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month by 7pm, several people affected by cancer gather to discuss and share their
experiences on beating cancer, coping tools and creating a recovery path.

You need to join our 1 hour meetings if you want to…
Learn from others who are beating cancer

  • Gain a source of encouragement and friendship from people with similar experiences
  • Gain knowledge on cancer, treatment, side-effects and loads more
  • Our online cancer support group meetings will move you from “I didn’t know or I am confused” to “I am informed and empowered”

Our support group meetings are facilitated by Oncologists and other health care professionals. They would be
available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Date Time Venue Topic
Sunday, 16 August 7 pm Zoom Together  we SOAR
Sunday, 30 August 7 pm  Zoom Cancer pathology reports: -What you need to know
Sunday, 13 September 7 pm  Zoom Radiotherapy:What to know now and later
Sunday, 27 September 7 pm  Zoom Cancer recurrence: What it means to you


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