Accelerating Access to Remote Cancer Care

Who is the SOAR Program for?

Whether you just got a cancer diagnosis or are in active treatment or in remission, we understand that you need clarity and care.

As a caregiver, caring for a loved one, family member or friend with cancer may seem complicated. We are here to encourage you as you support your loved ones.

  • Access accurate information and coping resources on our cancer blog, Vlog, and e-books.
  • Be part of our supportive community to learn to interact and share experiences.
  • Connect with the best cancer doctors and survivors via video consultations.
  • Join our online support group meetings.

Be at the center of your care

Download the Oncopadi App

We understand how you feel. We want to ensure you have access to everything you need on your path to recovery.

We know you have unanswered questions, concerns, and thoughts you may not have told anyone. That’s why Sebeccly Cancer Care, Oncopadi Technologies LTD, and ACT Foundation launched the SOAR Program


 Why the SOAR Program?
  • Educating
  • Engaging
  • Empowering
  • Encouraging

Here is how you can get the best from the SOAR program.

Book your appointment

  • Get free video consultations led by top cancer doctors (Consultant Oncologists) and international standard cancer hospitals in the country.

Join the online support group

  • The complimentary support group  is for anyone coping with a cancer diagnosis to gain encouragement and friendship from over 2000 individuals who understand what they are going through.

Learn more

  • Read the articles and e-books in the cancer blog, and watch educational videos in the cancer v-log.


  • Attend our free bi-weekly online support group meetings facilitated by cancer care professionals.

The SOAR program utilizes the Oncopadi Mobile App which is a user-friendly digital companion that provides survivorship and holistic services to meet your cancer needs.

Our goal is to accelerate and simplify access to remote care and support.

Mobile App Features
  • Community  – Reduce the emotional burden and stress that comes with a diagnosis by staying in touch with a supportive group.
  • Consultation  – Have a question; need counseling, or a 2nd opinion? Consult with a verified cancer doctor.
  • Symptoms – Have you noticed any symptoms or side effects? Record and track them using our tool.

"It was a wonderful and less stressful experience in seeing my doctor... Spectacular!'

"I was able to get a 2nd opinion on my wife’s diagnosis and review her results. The doctor provided us with much-needed information about her diagnosis and this gave us hope."

"The COVID-19 pandemic is limiting access to cancer hospitals, yet I had questions and symptoms. Oncopadi was there to help."

With our one of a kind exclusive benefits, we encourage members of the cancer community to download the app for better services and health promotion.

Our Partners

The SOAR Program is supported by global partners who believe in our vision of simplifying and increasing access to quality cancer care via technology.