Role in Research

Over 200,000 cases of cancer are being diagnosed annually in Nigeria.

About 30% of these cases are low-risk.

Over 3,000,000 people are to be diagnosed with cancer worldwide. That implies there’s a cancer diagnosis every 10 second

An estimate of 1,200,000 of people die from a cancer diagnosis, that makes one death in every 25 seconds Learn More


Role in the Community

As a community-focused non-profit organization, we have contributed and impacted over 50 communities in Nigeria through our various innovative projects.

Recently in other to advocate and include cancer screening into the community primary health centers, we launched our #TimeToScreen campaign in some selected Primary Health Care centers in 4 local government areas in Nigeria, educated the health educators and community mobilizers in this local governments,  built the capacity of the health care professionals in the selected Primary Health Centers and had free breast and cervical screening to over 7,000 women in this localities. Learn More(Link to TimeToScreen Project)

Others (Link to projects)



Sebeccly Cancer Care (Sebeccly) is a cancer advocacy organization championing cancer survivorship services and professional development amongst health care professionals in Oncology. Patience Ebhota, a 30-year-old diagnosed with bilateral (both) breast cancer in 2005; she envisioned better care for breast cancer patients regardless of stage. Patience died on the 10th of April, 2010. A strong woman, she inspired us and left a legacy. The Patience E Support and Advocacy Group (PESAG) created the need to improve the standard of breast cancer care in Nigeria. The PESAG is a breast cancer support group that empowers breast cancer patients to become patient advocates; it was launched in October 2009 and is sponsored by Sebeccly Cancer Care to date.

With the steady rise of breast cancer diagnosis, there is a growing need to improve access to cancer care facilities, address the cost of cancer care, and address barriers to breast cancer survivorship in Nigeria. PESAG members voice their opinions, meet with cancer Stakeholders, share their stories, and highlight challenges they face, through the breast cancer voices platform.

We have also engaged and educated the policymakers in different sectors and levels to come together and get the collective impact of our voice.