Resources we offer

Our mission is to reduce the cancer burden in Nigeria. Whether you are a patient, supporter/family member, or caregiver, the more informed you are, the better decisions you will make concerning cancer. That will positively affect our mission. Sebeccly offers the following resources:

Cancer Education Materials

Knowledge is Power. The amount of information we have about a situation or condition will go a long way in either positively or negatively affect the situation. As a cancer care institution with vast knowledge and experience, we understand the need for accurate knowledge and information for patients in other to attain survivorship.

Here you can get different ebooks and blogs containing the resources you need (Link to blog and ebook materials uploaded)

Telemedicine Services

You might not always have access to a Doctor. In other to bridge the gap in cancer care and access to medical personnel, we introduce to you a telemedicine platform where you can get your questions answered and chat with a specialist on anything cancer. Visit our Telemedicine platform.

Screening and Treatment Services

With over 100,000 Nigerians diagnosed with cancer annually, 80% ending up dying from this disease (approximately 1% of cancer death in the world). Early detection has proven to be the most effective measure in ensuring the survival of cancer patients.

Fatal cancer diagnosis of 90 Nigerians daily is ranked from breast to prostate cancers. These are curable with a lot of emphasis on early detection. Cervical cancer is highly preventable if detected in its pre-cancerous stage.

In other to enable early detection, breast, cervical, and prostate cancer screening with the diagnostics and treatment of pre-cancerous cells launched through our #TimeToScreen Campaign. (Link to TTS)

Treatment Support Services

Due to the high cost of cancer care, a lot of patients end up dropping out of treatment despite early detection. In other to support and reduce their financial burden, Sebeccly offers treatment support to cancer patients through the funds raised from our various campaigns such as 1k4Cancer. This funds will have and will continue to support patients by;

Paying their hospital bills,

Providing them with their cancer drugs,

Paying for their surgery etc.

Survivorship Community

The importance of a supportive community is vital. We understand that family, friends, and especially encouragement from those who have gone through the same predicament are another effective way of developing hope and ensuring the survival of our patients.

Join our champions(Link to Soar). A safe, energetic, and active community for cancer patients and caregivers.