Sebeccly Cancer Care is pleased to announce a Call for Application for the 2018 RADONCNG Research Grant. The 2018 RADONCNG grant by Sebeccly Cancer Care is a professional development initiative for radiation oncology professionals in Nigeria. It was initiated in 2012 to stimulate the development of innovative ideas that can improve radiotherapy and accelerate radiotherapy-based research.

The RADONCNG prize is a 1-year research grant of $1,000, awarded to the Principal Investigator (PI) through his/her radiotherapy centre/academic medical institution (private or public).

The grant provides funding for a research and innovative project that aim to improve the delivery or effect of radiotherapy or improves practice. The idea must be transferrable to other radiotherapy centers. Some of the areas of consideration for innovation include (but not limited to) improving awareness of radiotherapy amongst health care professionals, improving cost-effectiveness of radiotherapy, coordinating increased access to radiotherapy, fostering collaboration amongst radiation oncology professionals, mobile technology for patient care, evaluation of radiotherapy outcomes, side effect profile, telemedicine, etc.

The successful applicant will be notified by 5th of December, 2017.

Grant period – commences on 5th January, 2018

For more information, email researchdev@sebecclycancercare.org

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  • The PI must be a Radiation Oncology professional (radiation oncologist – consultants/residents, therapy radiographers, medical physicists, etc.) or a scientist working in the radiotherapy space.
  • Applicants should fill in the application form on sebecclycancercare.org
  • Application submission period: 5th October, 2017 to 3rd November, 2017