Other Past Projects

Light Lagos Pink TM

The Light Lagos PinkTM campaign was an annual, collaborative, statewide campaign hosted by Sebeccly Cancer Care in partnership with the Lagos State Government. The maiden edition of the campaign launched on the 3rd of October, 2014 at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island. The Light Lagos Pink™ campaign featured several events such as community health talks and screening, mammogram week, Light Lagos Pink challenge, Light Lagos Pink press conference, etc.

The campaign empowered millions of Lagosians with breast cancer screening guidelines and available cancer services in Lagos state by

  • Displaying the breast cancer screening guidelines in public places and parks.
  • Illuminating/decorating over 100 buildings (public and private-owned) and 6 Lagos state
  • Hosting cancer health talks, screening, and referrals.
  • Encouraging women to visit partner hospitals for breast tests.
  • Securing discounts on mammogram services in our partner hospitals.
  • Raising funds for more indigent breast cancer patients to benefit from the Sebeccly Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Access Initiative at Lagos University Teaching Hospital and Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative General Hospital, Lagos.
  • Engaging over 5,000 individuals who wore pink in support of the campaign and engaged at least 3 million unique individuals via our social media platforms.


  • Promoted breast cancer awareness.
  • Initiated action amongst women to attend breast screening.
  • Raised funds that provided access to cancer care through the Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative at General Hospital Lagos and Sebeccly Chemo and Radiotherapy Access Initiative at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.


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Jeans versus genes

A small number of people have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than the general population because other members of their family have had particular cancer. It is called a family history of cancer. It relates to former and present cancer genes of blood relatives (people related by birth, not marriage). Having a mother, sister, or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer doubles the risk of having breast cancer. But more than 8 out of 10 women who have a close relative with breast cancer will never develop it.

The Jeans versus genes campaign tagged ‘You can change your jeans, not your genes’! was an awareness brunch with a collection of celebrities and beauty pageants. Proceeds of the brunch channeled into promoting awareness and educating women about the high risk of developing breast cancer and providing information/resources to help them reduce their risk and or detect breast cancer early.

  • Promoted cancer awareness.
  • Initiated action amongst women to attend breast screening.
  • Reached over a million Nigerians.
  • Empowered women with capacity building opportunities and rehabilitation services to help them integrate into the society: in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs and poverty alleviation, Lagos state.





ABC of Sex

The right information at the right time contributes to preventing or enabling the early detection of cancer. ABC (Abstain, Be faithful and Condoms) of Sex Campaign is a community outreach that educates youths in tertiary institutions on the need to be cancer aware.

The campaign also includes how to conduct breast self-examination and the prevalence of cervical cancer known to be caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease.



  • Promoted breast awareness.
  • Initiated screening and vaccination action amongst youths.


Battle scars photo exhibition

“Battle scars” is a photo exhibition to emphasize the existence of breast cancer and also raised funds to assist our cancer patients in accessing cancer care. Sebeccly had a tour of cancer patients’ residence to understand and see how they cope in their various homes and assess the support they receive from their families or closest ones.