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Book your HPV DNA test online; our TimeToScreen Yourself test kits are sent directly and privately to you.

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TimeToScreen yourself for Human PapillomaVirus (HPV)

About HPV Test

It’s TimeToScreen Yourself.

Book your HPV DNA test online.

HPV DNA testing is a type of cervical screening for women who
1. are between the ages of 25-65 years
2. have a cervix
3. have engaged in sexual intercourse (non-virgins)
4. have never been screened or it’s been a while

It’s TimeToScreen Yourself. It’s simple and fast.

Book your HPV DNA test online; our TimeToScreen Yourself test kits are sent directly and privately to you.

In less than 5 minutes, you can take a swab and send it back through our dispatch rider (free delivery) or, better still, return it at your convenience(extra charges apply).




Types of HPV Test

HPV Subtyping test
Who is this test for?
Women who are curious about their HPV status.
Women who are aware they have HPV and are curious about the type they have.
Test interpretation
A positive result means that you have type 16 or 18. A negative result
A positive result means that you have one or more of the 14 different types of HPV.
WHO Recommendation
General population of women, HPV-DNA detection starting at the age of 30 years, with regular testing every 5–10 years.
Women living with HIV, HPV-DNA detection starting at the age of 25 years, with regular screening every 3–5 years.

HPV 16 and 18 are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers.

World Health Organisation

Please be aware that if you purchase this kit for someone else, their information must be entered during registration.

This screening method is perfect for every woman

  • Convenient
  • Effective and accurate result
  • No big speculum required
  • 100% privacy, done from the comfort of your home
  • Saves time and cost
  • More personalized approach
  • Empowering every woman to take charge of her cervical health

How does this work?

Step 1

Registration and payment
Register to book an appointment online through a calendly link. Choose Your Date And Time For Pick Up and drop off. Make payment online through our secure platform.

Step 2

Collect Your Sample
Activate your collection kit and collect your sample in the morning. Contact Sebeccly to retrieve the sample on the same day.

Step 3

Test Result
The result of the test will be available in 7 working days after it arrives at the laboratory. The result will be sent to you via mail and/or sms.

Step 4

Our team at Sebeccly will call you to explain your test result to you and provide guidance on your next steps.

About HPV Self-sampling

Human Papillomavirus causes more than 70% of cervical cancer. HPV DNA test is an effective cervical screening method used to detect the presence or absence of this cancer causing virus. The HPV test can be collected by a healthcare professional or a woman.

When a woman collects her own sample it is called self-sampling. It is a convenient, time saving and affordable cervical screening method.

Once the sample is collected it must be dispatched to the laboratory for testing and result interpretation.

Our primary care physicians and staff specialize in the prevention, management, and treatment of various medical diseases, and it is our goal to offer the best medical services possible to our patients. We hope you place your trust in Cavewell Medical Practice.

Why choose the TimeToScreen Yourself kit?

Because we care about you.
We know you are busy. We are here to support you to embrace your health. Sebeccly has developed a convenient and affordable screening method that allows you to prioritize your cervical health.

Track record-Every year
Sebeccly Cancer Care screens over 7000 women through our mobile cancer clinics. In partnership with ACT Foundation we have provided breast and cervical cancer screening to over 27,000 women across 100 communities.

Accredited Labs
Our diagnostic partners are Nationally recognized and certified to conduct HPV DNA tests

Pathologist reviewed
Licensed doctors and pathologists review every test order and results.

Time to Screen

Book your HPV DNA test online; our TimeToScreen Yourself test kits are sent directly and privately to you.