Free Cancer Clinic

Free Cancer Clinic:

The financial cost associated with cancer screening and treatment is overwhelming. Over 95% of Nigerians do not have health insurance; therefore, they pay out of pocket for their healthcare needs. At Sebeccly we provide  free cancer screening and patient assistance programmes in the following ways:

TimeToScreen Alpha Friday free clinics: every Friday, we provide free cancer screening to 20 indigent women. You can help 20 women prevent cervical cancer by donating.

Amazon Survivorship Clinic: every quarter, we adopt the treatment of 3 indigent cancer patients by offering them free consultation and chemotherapy services. You can support the treatment of a cancer patient by donating

Sponsor a community Outreach: we can reduce the cancer burden and help many women in underserved communities to access cancer screening. To sponsor a community, kindly donate

Our free clinics and treatment is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors


In place of the #TimeToScreen flyer; pictures (showing #timetoscreen clinic days and events) could be in form of a slideshow for display. With a blinking box ‘BOOK NOW’.

TTS ALPHA screening days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays –