Why Do I Feel Tired During Cancer Treatment

Fatigue is one of the most disturbing symptoms of cancer. It is a form of physical and emotional exhaustion that cancer patients feel during the cancer crisis. Fatigue should not be mistaken for common tiredness which can be cured with a good night sleep or adequate rest. It renders cancer patients powerless, leaving them unable to carry out activities that they usually do before cancer.


It is more disturbing to know that this exhaustion remains during the treatment procedure. Medical studies show that some cancer treatment procedures also cause fatigue. Procedures like chemotherapy and radiation therapy or the combination of both leave patients fatigued.

Reoccurrence of cancer


The joy and relief that comes with defeating cancer cannot be overstated. After the uncertainty and the emotional turbulence, a return back to a cancer-free life is often seen as a second shot at life. Hence it can be overwhelming to be told that the battle isn’t over, and you have to fight all over again. Do not despair though, you can win this.

What is it?

Cancer recurrence is the return of cancer after at least one year of remission. Some people may argue that the time frame can be as short as a few months.

Mental Health of Cancer Patients

Cancer, in its dreadful nature, affects the physical and mental health of patients. Apart from the debilitating nature of the disease, patients are faced with many negative emotions born out of a cancer diagnosis. However, like any problem, there is a solution to the mental tussle caused by cancer in its patients.

In this article, the mental health of cancer patients will be discussed. There will also be a discussion on how anxiety, depression, and denial ranks top of the mental issues that most cancer patients face. Finally, tips on the management of these issues will be given.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle While Living with Cancer

Living with cancer can be a challenging and draining experience. You may have a million questions floating around your head, ranging from questions about your future to those about survival.

One way for you to increase your chances of survival is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living with cancer. Doing this is not as difficult as it seems, remember that your little actions daily sum up to give you a fighting chance.

To find out some of the ways you can ensure that healthy living remains a part of your life when you have cancer,

Effects of Chemotherapy on Sex and Fertility

Cancer and cancer treatment can take a significant toll on the body. People experience changes in their energy level, weight, bodies, and changes in their sexual functioning.

Sexual dysfunction is a normal part of cancer treatment. It affects not less than half of the patients treated for pelvic tumours and more than a quarter of people with other types of cancer. The problems are generally related to damage to the nerves, blood vessels, and hormones that underlie normal sexual function. Sexual dysfunction can also be associated with anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, and loss of self-esteem.


Effects of Cancer Treatment on the Appearance and Wellbeing of Patients

Cancer is a disease no one wants to experience in life.

Being a terminal disease, it has no known cure. However, there are treatments prescribed for cancer patients. These treatments either slow the growth of the cancerous cells or wipe them out.


Prominent among these treatments are chemotherapy and radiation.

As relieving as the idea of a treatment for cancer sounds, it is not without its worries. These treatments have been proven to affect the wellbeing and appearance of cancer patients adversely.


Types of Cancer Treatments

There are two most popular treatment procedures for cancer.

I just got diagnosed and I am confused. How do I deal with a cancer diagnosis?

It is a terrible feeling to be diagnosed with cancer. At the initial stage, you feel overwhelmed and afraid; after a while, this leads to anxiety. Nonetheless, it is possible to stay positive and vibrant when you have just been diagnosed with the terminal illness.


You will experience five emotional stages after being diagnosed with cancer: Denial, Anger, Regret, Sadness, and Acceptance.


Here is how to cope at each stage:


The first stage

In the first stage, you are overwhelmed and shocked.

Eating Healthy   

A healthy diet remains a central part of wholesome living. As a person living with cancer, eating right becomes even more pressing, especially if you were not doing so before. Living with cancer may come with its peculiar challenges that may require you to adjust your diet. So, eating right for some cancer patients may be a tad different from eating right to other people.

Why is this so?

The side effects of the cancer treatment, as well as the toll the disease puts on your body, may require you to eat more of a specific food class.

Dealing With Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a type of medical treatment that is to manage cancer. It contains chemicals that target cells that divide rapidly. The idea behind this is that cancer cells divide at a fast rate, often faster than the average rate of multiplication of the cells in the body. Chemotherapy works by reducing the size of the cancerous growth, and the likelihood of it spreading all over the body.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the form of treatment given will depend on the type of cancer, the stage of the tumour,

Coping Resources and Support Networks for Cancer Patients – a group of people

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in Nigeria. An average Nigerian will consider a cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. While this may be linked to the debilitating symptoms associated with it, it is also because there are little or no chances of survival based on the country’s healthcare system. In a country of over 170 million people (according to the last census exercise) with an estimated cancer case of 105,000 diagnosed every year, the government’s provision with regards to cancer support and treatment is nothing to write home about. Boasting of ten radiotherapy centres within the country,