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Do you know Cervical cancer is preventable through vaccination and screening?

Do you know the screening appropriate for your age? (Age 21-29) (Age 30-65)

The TimeToScreen Alpha clinic offers the following services:

Cancer screening and treatment




HPV DNA Test – detects the presence of the virus in cervical cells

HPV Vaccination – prevents infection against HPV which causes cervical cancer

Pap Smear Test – detects abnormal changes in cervical cells

Liquid Based Cytology – detects abnormal changes in cervical cells

Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid – detects abnormal changes in cervical cells

Cervical biopsy – a biopsy is a procedure to remove tissue from an abnormal part of the cervix to confirm precancerous conditions or cervical cancer.

Diagnostic Colposcopy – Is a special magnifying instrument used to get a close-up look at your cervix. A colposcopy is done if you had some sort of abnormal results on your cervical screening tests e.g. Pap smear.

Cryotherapy-is a procedure that uses freezing gas to destroy stage 0 disease or precancerous cells on the cervix



Clinical Breast Examination-can detect breast abnormalities (lump, nipple discharge, nipple and skin changes)

Mammogram-can detect a breast lump 2 years earlier than it can be felt

Breast Self Examination- we teach women how to do the Breast Self Examination.


The Pledge


The TimeToScreen Alpha programme pledges to provide affordable, quality, client centred, timely and comprehensive breast and cervical cancer screening to 6,000 women yearly


“We believe that no woman should develop cervical cancer because

Prevention is cheaper than cure, Prevention is better than cure, Prevention is better than Cure”— (this will be in form of bubble/quote.)


Cervical and Breast Screening Guideline

Cervical Screening Breast Screening
21 – 29 Pap Smear (every 3 years)
30 – 65
  • Co Testing
  • Pap Smear – HPV DNA test (every 5 years)


  • Pap Smear
21 – 40
  • Breast Self Examination (every month)
  • Clinical Breast Examination (every 3 years)
41 – 65
  • Breast Self Examination (every month
  • Clinical Breast Examination (every 3 years)
  • Mammogram (every 3 Years).


  • Women over 65 years of age who have had a regular screening in the previous 10 years should stop cervical cancer screening as long as they haven’t had any serious pre-cancers (like CIN2 or CIN3) found in the last 20 years’