Our Services

In line with our mission and objectives, Sebeccly cancer care offers services listed below to the public in general


  • At Sebeccly Cancer Care, we meet with newly diagnosed patient and those still under treatment
  • Counsel them on the stages of breast cancer diagnosis
  • Advise on available Treatment option
  • Home and hospital visitation to our patients during their treatment period.


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At Sebeccly, we believe that every woman has the right to adequate cancer care irrespective of their age, religion, marital status, family background, tribe, etc. Sebeccly cancer care help patients by paying for their treatment through

  • Sebeccly Chemo and Radiotherapy Access Initiative(SCRAI) at Lagos University Teaching Hospital through the funds raised by the sponsors.
  • Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative(SMI) at General Hospital)

The two initiative has been successful through the help of the social workers both in GH island and LUTH.

Support Group


  • Patient E Support and Advocacy Group Meeting was formed by sebeccly cancer care in other to support ladies living with breast cancer to empower them through Capacity building, Information, Support and Advocate for improvement in cancer health care
  • Through partnership with Lagos state goverment. Sebeccly has vocational skill for ladies that are willing to acquire any type of skill.
  • Support group meeting is usually organized to know how well they are feeling.

Breast Navigation Services


  • Sebeccly understand the stress of being diagnosed of breast cancer, due to that there’s always someone there for each patient during her time of treatment to help and guide her on steps to take and assist her when taking her treatment especially for those patient that has no family or friend to assist during the treatment period.

Recovery Care Products


  • Sebeccly is concern about the look and beautify of any lady after her surgery, that is why recovery care product is of interest to sebeccly to make any woman regain her beautify through prosthesis and wigs to reduce the stress of how she will look after surgery.
  • With sebeccly recovery care product any woman can still look and feel comfortable after surgery.