Join our Cancer Community

  1. Join our Cancer Community

Recovering from Breast Cancer involves a network of support from families, friends, health care professionals, and the community.

Our cancer community comprises those who have or have had cancer, cancer caregivers, and health care professionals. Through this community, we connect and share individual experiences.

As a patient or caregiver or health professional, join our community so we can stand together in the fight against cancer. Please fill the form below to join our community:

Please tell us about your connection to cancer

-I have or have had cancer

-A loved one has or has had cancer

-A friend has or has had cancer

-I care or have cared for someone with cancer

-I have had precancerous preventative treatment

-I haven’t had cancer but have a cancer gene

-I am a researcher or medical professional


And others.


Personal details:

Title, Sex, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth.


Contact Details:

Phone Number, E-mail address, Country, City/Town, Address.


Oncopadi or Telegram link to join the online community to be sent immediately to their mail after the form is submitted.



Sebeccly is committed to helping breast cancer patients fulfill their survivorship potential through education, research, advocacy, treatment support, and delivery of high-quality care. We are committed to reducing the cancer burden in Nigeria.