Together we can #ChangeHerCancerStory

Sebeccly Cancer Care leverages on kind gifts, technical support and donations to sustain our research, increase awareness and survivorship programmes that can help cancer patients. We also require such contributions to aid the development of our Sebeccly Breast Cancer App and our Cancer Survivorship Centre (CSC).

N5,000 Can help our social workers to visit and support survivors in the hospital or at home
N10,000 Can provide 1 copy of ‘The informed breast cancer patient book’. A navigation tool
N25,000 Can provide 100 copies of patient education pamphlets
N50,000 Can support screening and investigations for 1 patient
N100,000 Can improve the capacity of the cancer research team
N250,000 Can help 5 patients have free surgeries at General Hospital Lagos under the Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative
N500,000 Can help 10 patients receive chemotherapy through volume based discounts with our partners
N1,000,000 Can help 10 patients access to radiotherapy treatment with our partners
N25,000 Can help with publicity for the App Launch
N50,000 Can ensure the developers provide good features and navigation
N100,000 Can increase our reach on our online forums which provide support and tips for facing the cancer journey
N250,000 Can ensure the App is adequately test run before it is open to the public
N500,000 Can ensure the Sebeccly Breast Cancer App’s Logo and infrastructure
N1,000,000 Can ensure that the  App is registered with the iOS and Andriod platform

By donating…


 N10,000  It will provide 5 bags of cement to help develop our CSC
N25,000 Can help with pubIt will provide 120 building blocks need in the laying of the foundation of the CSC
N50,000 It will help with 20 tonnes of sharp sand required to fill and level the land of the CSC
N250,000 It will ensure that the CSC has all it Land Use Document appropriately done
N500,000 It will ensure a fence is put up around the property
N5,000,000 It will secure a plot of land to build the CSC on
N1,000,000 It will secure 5 plots of land on which we plan to build the CSC