You too can be part of Sebeccly’s work and support our Light Lagos Pink Campaign by donating. Your donation goes a long way in raising awareness and securing treatment for those affected. Please donate by paying into our account

Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Light Lagos Pink Campaign

Account Number: 0173358224

Your Donation will change lives!

Cancer happens to anyone, providing information and practical support that helps a patient become a survivor is the heart of what we do. Please support us by making a donation.

  • =N= 1,000/month can offer 5 survivors access to inspirational survivor stories through telephone support.
  • =N= 2,000/month can provide a free copy of ‘The informed breast cancer patient’ book, that helps a newly diagnosed patient navigate cancer care in Nigeria.
  • =N= 5,000/month pays to provide a survivor visit and counselling session to 3 newly diagnosed patient at home.
  • =N= 8,000/month can improve the capacity of the Sebeccly cancer research team.
  • =N= 10,000/month can provide 12 cancer patients with a tool to keep important documents organized and information to help guide their cancer experience.
  • =N= 15,000/month can match 5 women to free mammogram services at a Light Lagos Pink partner hospital.
  • =N= 35,000/month can help 1 patient receive one course of chemotherapy through the Sebeccly chemo access @ LUTH
  • =N= 55,000/month can help 1 patient have breast cancer surgery through the Sebeccly Mastectomy initiative at GHLagos.
  • =N=75,000/month can help 6 patients receive home based care and nursing services.
  • =N=100,000/month can provide 10 breast prosthesis to 10 women, to help regain their femininity.