As kids we grew up knowing every fairytale story has a happy ending but in reality it’s quite different for breast cancer patients in Nigeria. Each day it’s a sad beginning for some women with over 27,000 cases diagnosed each year. Regretfully 1 in 8 women die every day from breast cancer and more than 70% usually do not survive beyond 5 years.

Quickly every survivor realizes that the faith of their treatment is in their own hands due to health care and social barriers to cancer survivorship which includes the prohibitive cost of cancer treatment, poor quality of care, inadequate counseling services, support services and home based care services. It up to this women to make sure they write the way their story ends. It could be a wife, mother, daughter or sister but one way or the other we are all linked to this story. Isn’t it time we begin to write the ending?

For these women hope is words like chemotherapy, blood transfusion, pain control, radiotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy, psychologic support, a shoulder to lean on, family, targeted therapy, remission, SMI, SCRAI, and many more.

The #ChangeHerCancerStory campaign is an appeal and a call to raise funds in order to improve the number of patients becoming survivors and to eliminate the access barriers of cancer care in Nigeria. These funds could be from spare change to large donations from individuals to both the private and public corporate firms. These funds are put towards the treatment of breast cancer patient which ranges from surgery to chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as all other supportive treatment. The campaign seeks a day when cancer patients will receive the best of treatment regardless of financial status, creed, tribe, health insurance type, age, sex, religion or gender.

With over 35 applications for treatment assistance received per annum, Sebeccly comes to the aid of indigent breast cancer patients through 2 patient assistant programs:

  1. The Sebeccly Mastectomy Initiative (SMI) in partnership with General Hospital Lagos which provides free surgery (mastectomy).
  2. The Sebeccly Chemo and Radiotherapy Access Initiative (SCRAI) in partnership with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital which provides chemotherapy and radiotherapy to hundreds of indigent breast cancer patients every year.

Sebeccly works with both hospitals through the Medical Social workers and cost of services are further discounted in view of the existing relationship and volume of patients supported.

We at Sebeccly are determined to ensure no woman goes through this alone by providing support from diagnosis to survivors including treatment support. You can be part of the movement! You can be a Hero! You can be that bit of Magic!

You can be rest assured that your support would go a long in the fight against breast cancer for these women. Our fingerprints never fades from the lives we have touched. Support by:

  • Adopting a patient or aspects of their treatment today which include:
  1. Financial Support (admission fees, transportation for treatments, etc.)
  2. Treatment Support (drugs, investigations, etc.).
  3. Psychological Support.
  4. Assisting in Hosting Support Group.
  5. Rehabilitation Services
  • Making donations:
  1. Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre


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