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10 Cancer Side Effects That Won’t Last

  • Side effects from breast cancer treatment can be brutal. And when you’re in the midst of chemo, radiation, or drug therapy, it’s easy to think the nightmare is never going to end.

    But take heart as the majority of treatment side effects will disappear with time. Sure, symptoms such as numbness and tingling in your chest after a mastectomy or a breast with a new shape following radiation are likely permanent. But others will either fade significantly or disappear entirely.

    This isn’t to say though that you’ll feel 100 percent once you finish treatment.Chemotherapy drugs can take several months to completely leave your system.

Tips On Getting a Masectomy

Getting a mastectomy—surgery to remove all breast tissue as a way to treat or prevent breast cancer—can invoke fear of the unknown. Here are some insider tips to help you be informed and prepared.

Sign your breast
Sign your breast

Don’t be surprised if the nurse hands you a Sharpie and ask you to sign your breast just before heading into surgery. With malpractice laws being what they are today, doctors want to make absolutely sure they’re working on the correct breast

Have enough of the right kinds of shirts
Have enough of the right kinds of shirts

Make sure you have enough button-down-the-front shirts on hand at home,

Breast Anatomy and How Cancer Starts

What are breasts made of?

The breast is highly complex and goes through the most changes of any other part of the human body – from birth, puberty, pregnancy and breast feeding through to menopause. Most changes in the breast are related to hormonal produced in the breast at different stages in a woman’s life.

Breast tissue extends from the collarbone, to lower ribs, sternum (breastbone) and armpit. Each breast contains 15-20 glands called lobes, where milk is produced in women who are breastfeeding. These lobes are connected to the nipple by 6-8 tubes called ducts which carry milk to the nipple.